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Bottled Water & Salt Delivery Services

Are you tired of carrying bags of salt to your water softener?
We would be glad to deliver to your home or office.
We will fill the tank and adjust the settings properly on your unit.
So don’t worry, Let Barrett’s Take Care Of It For You

Purified Water & Delivery Service

Dupage, Kane, Kendall & Will Counties have been relying on Barrett’s 30 years of experience, Barrett’s Delivery Services home and office.  Our delivery remains the industry standard for hight quality purified water backed by exceptional customer service. 

Barrett’s selection of purified drinking water includes bottles, multi-gallon jugs and coolers- available in a variety of sizes 5 gallon and 1 gallon and treated daily through modern steam distillation, filtration and reverse osmosis. We offer Spring, Distilled and Reverse Osmosis water. 

Our dedicated team knows that you want your Water and Salt delivered with as little stress as possible, so we strive to meet all of your home and office water supply and delivery needs accordingly.  Attentive and dependale drivers will install water coolers for you, and with every delivery they assess your water inventory to gurantee satisfaction.  For more information about the unsurpassed quality water delivery from Barrett’s Soft Water Service please give us a call today. 

Bottled Water Delivery

At Barrett’s Water We Focus on the Enviroment

Focused On the Enviroment

The bottled water industry is a strong supporter of our environment and our natural resources. Bottled water companies manage resources responsibly by investing in technology and practices that improve water quality and conservation.

A life cycle assessment conducted by Quantis in 2010 shows bottled water’s environmental footprint is the lowest of any packaged beverage. Key findings from this study show that water is the least environmentally impactful beverage and bottled water is the most environmentally responsible packaged drink choice.
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The Healthy Choice

To lead a healthier life, one of the simplest changes you can make is drinking water instead of other beverages that are heavy with sugar and calories.

So, if you want to eliminate or moderate calories, sugar, caffeine, artificial flavors or colors, and other ingredients from your diet, choosing water is a right decision.

And, In today’s on-the-go society, where most of what we drink comes in a package, bottled water is always the smart and healthy choice.
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Uses Water Resposibly

Did you know that out of all the water used in the United States each year, bottled water accounts for only 0.01%?

There’s a lot of misleading information circulating on social media and internet sites that falsely reports that the bottled water industry is using up available water supplies and selling products for big profits.

The truth is that bottled water industry cares deeply about protecting water resources generally, but especially in the communities where they have invested.
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Frequently asked Questions

Everyone knows that they need to drink water everyday, but getting enough isn’t always easy. For most people, regardless of age, gender, race, nationality or level of health, the benefits of drinking more purified, clean water are plentiful. Below are some of the most frequently asked questions we hear regarding water intake.

Should I drink more water when I’m sick?

Maladies such as pneumonia, the flu or even the common cold can lead to dehydration, which will leave you feeling even sicker. Be sure to up your water intake when you’re not feeling well.

Do pregnant women need to drink more water?

Due to high concentrations of water in breast milk, nursing mothers require eight to twelve 8-oz servings of water a day. In addition, you’ll gain as much water weight as baby weight when you are pregnant. This comes from an increase in blood volume, amniotic fluid and tissue fluids — and drinking enough water will help regulate those functions.

How much water should I drink every day?

In order to give you the most specific answer to this question, we put together a nifty chart that you can refer to whenever you are not sure if you are drinking enough water. 1 glass = 8 ozs.


115lbs.  9 – 10 glasses
125lbs.  9 – 11 glasses
150lbs.  9 – 11.5 glasses
175lbs.  9.5 – 12.5 glasses
200lbs.  9.5 – 13.5 glasses 

Do I really need to drink a lot of water?

Yes! Water provides necessary support for almost every bodily function. Your body needs water to perform all of the following:
Regulating body temperature
Carrying nutrients and oxygen to all cells in the body
Moistening oxygen for easier breathing
Removing waste
Converting food into energy
Protecting and cushioning vital organs
Cushioning vital organs
Bones are 22% water
Muscles are 75% water
Easing joint motion

Do I need to drink more water at higher altitudes?

When you’re high above sea level, you’ll need to drink more water to stay healthy because of the extra stress your body endures. Similarly, to combat low humidity levels on airplanes, drink one 8-ounce serving of water for every hour in the air.
Does winter cold affect how much water I should drink?
The colder it gets outside, the more energy your body requires to maintain a 98.6 degree temperature and the more water your body needs. So be sure to drink extra water in cold weather.

Dont’ Forget Monday & Tuesdays are self serve days.  Load your own car and save money.  Our Salt, Bottled Water & Peroxide Sale Dates
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Local Reviews

Barrett's Soft Water Rated 4.9 out of 5 stars based on 88 customer reviews

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Great experience

Review of Barrett's Soft Water

Very knowledgeable and patient in answering all our questions.

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Very Informative Serviceman

Review of Barrett's Soft Water

Tony came over, diagnosed the problem and spent the time explaining what needed to be done to rectify the issue, along with answering questions about the system. Great customer service! Tony’s professionalism is an asset to the company.

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Great Service from Tony G.

Review of Barrett's Soft Water

Very informative. On time. Quickly identified issue and fixed. Thanks Barrett’s.

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Very neat and competent work

Review of Barrett's Soft Water

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Great service and a good explanation.

Review of Barrett's Soft Water

The workers called before arrival and got to work quickly. They did a great job installing and explaining the hydrogen peroxide system as well as a water softner.

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Great service

Review of Barrett's Soft Water

Thanks for always calling before coming and being on time.

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Replacing Old Softener

Review of Barrett's Soft Water

Great Customer Service. Service Tech was professional, punctual and efficient. Took the time to show me how to work everything. Barrett’s will be the only place I go for all my water softener needs!

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Great customer service!

Review of Barrett's Soft Water

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Amazing service

Review of Barrett's Soft Water

Extremely impressed with Barrett’s. Tony arrived on time and gave me a complete run down on how to operate my system. He checked to make sure everything was in good working order and even secured a hose to the floor to ensure that it stayed in place. I will definitely be using Barrett’s for all of my water needs.

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Great service!

Review of Barrett's Soft Water

He was very professional and friendly. Informative about the unit. Left area clean and careful with my installment. I really appreciate such great service accompanied by a great price!

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